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The full Cinderella script & Act One of each of our PlayAloud’s is available for free. If you enjoy it and want more in-depth practice, become a member to unlock all our features!

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What We Provide

Interactive Scripts

Improving English skills can be challenging. PlayAloud takes classic and beloved stories and turns them into fun, engaging scripts designed to hone English skills and build confidence.

PlayAlong Audio

Each character in our PlayAloud scripts have their own isolated audio tracks, which makes it easy to hear lines again and again until the player has mastered every word.

Engaging Activities

Each PlayAloud script comes with a suite of supporting materials. From vocabulary to fluency exercises, we promise to make learning fun.

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You can try Cinderella and Act One of each PlayAloud ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you find it helpful, then you can join the PlayAloud community and unlock the rest of package.

PlayAloud aims to make learning the English language fun and engaging. Our PlayAloud scripts are Kid-Tested and Kid-Approved!

Our Success

20+ Years

We are bringing 20+ years of storytelling experience to the table. Since we founded Stories to Grow By in the 1990’s, we have served tens of millions readers, students, parents, and educators.

Global Reach

We provide a global perspective to English Language Learning. Our stories are engrained with themes of human ethics from around the world.


Stories to Grow By has been praised and recommended by Scholastic and the New York Times!

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