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Interactive Play Scripts | A Tool for Reading Apprehension

PlayAloud utilizes a science supported, and evidence based approach. PlayAloud is ISTE certified and listed on EdSurge’s product index.

Looking for a way to engage readers to build Fluency, Expression, and Confidence?
Uniquely, PlayAloud offers our exclusive PlayAlong audio beside the speaking lines of each role in our kid-tested play scripts.

Educators know repetition is the key in reading – yet challenged and non-native readers are often reluctant to practice. It’s a conundrum! What better way to break through and build skills in Fluency and Expression while boosting Confidence? For use At Home or In the Classroom.

Here’s How PlayAloud Works
  • Facilitator assigns roles from one of our exclusive kid-tested play scripts to a group of young Players.
  • Players practice their speaking lines by playing an Audio Playback Button located beside each section of dialog. They can choose to practice in private if they prefer.
  • By repeatedly hearing their lines read aloud with accuracy, expression & intonation – players practicing their role will build Fluency, Expression, and Confidence – without even realizing it.
  • Then all players gather to read aloud the PlayAloud script. Players can now read with expression and confidence!
  • You’re welcome to avail yourself of PlayAloud’s exclusive, innovative Games & Activities for yet more opportunities for players to practice and have fun, while further honing their reading skills.
What Does PlayAloud Mean?

A PlayAloud is an interactive play script. Each PlayAloud is designed to energize and engage young readers around the world. The scripts are inclusive with respect to diversity and
gender, and the story often features a modern twist to a classic tale.

PlayAloud Membership

With a PlayAloud membership you gain access to our full catalog of PlayAloud packages. Each package contains a fun and engaging script, full Audio Playback Buttons for listening and learning speech, as well as Games & Activities to boost vocabulary, fluency, and more!

Where Our Stories Come From

PlayAloud is powered by Stories to Grow By.

Stories to Grow By is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best treasury of stories and reader’s theater scripts which are kid-tested and provide children with meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime. The collection of stories from Stories to Grow By has been recognized by Scholastic, Disney, USAToday, Education World, and the
NYT on the Web.

PlayAloud’s scripts are adapted from these diverse, non-denominational tales that contain themes of kindness, justice, and love. By providing materials that are live Kid-Tested, PlayAloud and Stories to Grow By ensures that our scripts are the best crowd-pleasers.

How Are Our Scripts Tested?

Kid-Testing is conducted by Stories to Grow By. This is performed in a variety of settings — classes are held at libraries, schools, bookstores & at other gathering places.

At the end of the reading, learners are asked to rate the stories they heard. Only the stories that are chosen as clear favorites are deemed to have passed Kid-Testing and can join the Stories to Grow By collection.

These most popular stories in Stories to Grow By’s collection are then adapted into PlayAloud scripts with a focus on learning English as a second language.

The PlayAloud finished scripts are live Kid-Tested in a variety of settings– including summer camp and reading programs – for child receptiveness and enthusiasm, along with observable improvements in Fluency, Expression and Confidence.