ACT 1, Scene 2 | A Royal Announcement

NARRATOR:  The two Stepsisters burst into the door, shrieking with glee.

STEPMOTHER:  For goodness sake! What’s all the noise?

STEPSISTER #1:  Mother, you won’t believe this!

STEPSISTER #2:  It’s SO exciting!


STEPMOTHER:  What’s so exciting?

CINDERELLA:  Yes, what’s so exciting?

STEPMOTHER:  Cinderella, why are YOU here? No doubt you have chores to do!

CINDERELLA:  Yes, Stepmother.

NARRATOR:  Cinderella walked away, but still listened.

STEPSISTER #1:  Get this, Mother!  The Prince is having a ball!

STEPSISTER #2:  Every young woman in the kingdom is invited.  And he will choose one of them to be his bride!

STEPMOTHER:  His bride?! Girls, this is our chance to move into the palace! Cinderella! Where did she go?

CINDERELLA:  I’m right here.

STEPMOTHER:  You must sew three new gowns for the ball.  Each one in the latest style, mind you!

CINDERELLA:  Three? Does that mean I’m going to the ball, too?

STEPMOTHER:  What? Don’t be ridiculous!

STEPSISTER #1:  You? Looking like THAT?

STEPSISTER #2:  In those dirty rags?  With that messy hair?

STEPMOTHER:  Get real, Cinderella! You will sew two gowns for your stepsisters and one for ME.  I wouldn’t miss this ball for ANYTHING.

NARRATOR:  Poor Cinderella tried to hide her disappointment. She began to work on the three gowns for her stepmother and stepsisters.

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