ACT 4, Scene 1 | The Ball

NARRATOR:  And a splendid ball it was! With the finest music and a royal feast. Nearly everyone was having a wonderful time.

PRINCE:   When will this finally be over?

NARRATOR:  Except the Prince. Ah, here comes one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. Maybe that will pick up his spirits.

STEPSISTER #1 Oh, Prince!  Dance with me!

PRINCE:  My lady.

STEPSISTER #1:  Prince, listen.  I’m the one you need to marry, no question about it.

PRINCE:  And why is that?

STEPSISTER #1:  For one thing, I’m the most beautiful. No one else is even close. Am I right, or am I right?

PRINCE:  Um, it seems the music has ended.  Thank you for the dance, my lady.

STEPSISTER #1:  Wait, is that all?

PRINCE:  It was a pleasure.

STEPSISTER #1:  I didn’t even tell you what else is great about me!

NARRATOR:  Wait, here comes the other stepsister. We can imagine what she wants–

STEPSISTER #2:  Prince, Prince!  It’s my turn to dance with you!

PRINCE:  My lady.

STEPSISTER #2:  You need to marry ME. The rest of these women are LOSERS. I’m the one with all the charm and glamor!

PRINCE:  Oh, really? Well, the music has stopped again. Thank you for the dance.

STEPSISTER #2:   Oh! Would you like another dance?

PRINCE:  No, thank you. I must entertain the other guests.

NARRATOR:  As the Prince turned away, he saw Cinderella enter the room.

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