ACT 4, Scene 2 | The Prince has a Pleasant Surprise

PRINCE:  Young lady?

CINDERELLA:   Yes, Prince?

PRINCE:  Have we met before?

CINDERELLA I’m pleased to meet you now.

PRINCE:  I feel as if I already know you. But of course, that’s impossible.

CINDERELLA:  Many things are possible, if you wish them to be true.

PRINCE:  Do you really believe that?

CINDERELLA:  I know it.

NARRATOR:  The music started, and the Prince and Cinderella started to dance.

CINDERELLA:  Tell me about yourself.

PRINCE:  What is there to know? I’m a Prince.

CINDERELLA:   No, I mean about YOU. What do you like to do? What’s your favorite food? There must be more to you than being a Prince!

PRINCE:  Well, people don’t usually ask me questions like that! I’d like to know more about you, too.

NARRATOR:  The Prince danced with Cinderella for many more songs, and they talked the whole time – until it was almost midnight.

PRINCE:  …and that’s why I can’t stand onions!

CLOCK:  Dong!

CINDERELLA:  Did you hear something?

CLOCK:   Dong!

PRINCE:  What? All I hear is you!

CLOCK:  Dong!

CINDERELLA:  It’s the clock!  It’s almost midnight!

CLOCK:  Dong!

CINDERELLA:  I must go!

PRINCE:  What? Why? You just got here!

CLOCK:  Dong!

CINDERELLA:  I must go now. There isn’t much time!

CLOCK:  Dong, dong!

PRINCE:  Time for what? Wait! I don’t even know your name!

CLOCK:  Dong, dong!


CLOCK:  Dong, dong, dong!

NARRATOR:  Cinderella ran up the stairs and out the door.

PRINCE:  Wait, come back!

NARRATOR:   Cinderella jumped into her carriage and raced off into the night. The Prince ran out of the palace to look for her. But she was gone!

PRINCE:  Where did you go? Come back!

NARRATOR:  The carriage had barely turned a corner when the magic wore off. The carriage, driver and four horses disappeared.

CINDERELLA:  My gown, everything is gone! I’m back to my regular dirty rags. Now I have to walk all the way home. There’s nothing left over to remember this magical night.

NARRATOR:  But Cinderella did leave something behind.

PRINCE:  What’s this? A glass slipper? It must have fallen off when she ran away. I will find the woman whose foot fits this slipper – no matter how long it takes!

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