ACT 5 | Cinderella’s Cottage

NARRATOR:  The entire kingdom was abuzz. Everyone knew the Prince was looking for the mysterious young woman from the ball. Cottage by cottage, he visited each home in the kingdom, searching for the owner of the glass slipper.

STEPSISTER #1:   Mother, you’ve been staring out of that window for hours.

STEPSISTER #2:  I, for one, don’t even care if the Prince comes.

STEPSISTER #1 Nor do I. He’s so rude!

STEPMOTHER:  Hold your tongues, girls! Whatever you do, you must fit your foot into that glass slipper when he comes! And the Prince WILL come.

NARRATOR:  On that, the Stepmother was correct. For not long after, the royal coach clip-clopped up their path.  The Stepmother sent Cinderella to her room. She said not to come out, no matter what. Then she threw open the door.

STEPMOTHER:  Your Majesty!  You have come to the right place.

PRINCE:  Good day, Madam. And how many young ladies live here?

STEPMOTHER:  Two perfect young ladies! Either one would make a great bride.

PRINCE:  Well, allow me to ask the first young lady to try on this glass slipper.

NARRATOR:  Try as she might, the first stepsister could not fit her foot into the slipper.

PRINCE:  Perhaps the other young lady would like to try?

NARRATOR:  The same thing happened. The slipper didn’t fit her, either.

PRINCE:  So there are no other young women in this house?

STEPMOTHER:   None – unless you’d like ME to try on the slipper!

NARRATOR:  The Stepmother winked at the Prince. He gave her a funny look. Just then, a new voice entered the room.

CINDERELLA:  Maybe there’s ONE more person who can try.

PRINCE:  I thought you said there were no other young women here.

STEPMOTHER:   None who matter!

PRINCE:   Come here please, young lady.

NARRATOR:  As soon as the Prince saw Cinderella, he recognized by her eyes that she was the same woman he had met at the ball! He was not at all surprised when the glass slipper fit her perfectly.

PRINCE:  I have found you!

CINDERELLA:  And I have found you!

STEPMOTHER:  No! This cannot be!

STEPSISTER #1:  This is a nightmare!

STEPSISTER #2:  This is impossible!

PRINCE:  Ah, many things are possible if you wish them to be true.  

CINDERELLA:  Isn’t that the truth?

PRINCE:  And now my dear, will you marry me?

CINDERELLA:  Oh, my, that is a big question! I’m not sure I can answer it right now. We had a wonderful time at the ball, the best night of my life. But it was only one night.   

STEPSISTER #1:   I can’t believe she isn’t jumping on this!

STEPSISTER #2:  I can’t believe ANY of this!

PRINCE:  You know what?  You’re right. Let’s take it slower.  How about if you took a job at the palace? Then we could get to know each other better.

CINDERELLA:  A job at the palace! Well, I love to read–do you need a teacher?

PRINCE:  Come to think of it, I heard the ladies at court say their children need a good reading teacher.

CINDERELLA:  That would be me!

PRINCE:  Then it’s a plan!

NARRATOR:  So Cinderella moved into the palace and started teaching reading to the children at court. Do you think Cinderella and the Prince got married? Or did they become lifelong friends? Turns out there are many ways to live “happily ever after!”


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