The Empty Pot (China)

ACT 1 | The Emperor’s Palace

NARRATOR:  Long ago in China, there lived an Emperor who needed a solution to a very upsetting problem.

EMPEROR:  Am I the ONLY emperor in all the world who has no heir to the throne?

SERVANT:  I’m sure you’re not the only emperor without a son, Sire.

EMPEROR:  If I had a daughter, I’d make HER emperor.

SERVANT:  That’s unheard of, Your Majesty!

EMPEROR:  What will become of the kingdom when I’m gone and there’s no one in line to take the throne? There must be a solution! Servant, I’ll be in the royal garden. Tending to my flowers always clears my head.

SERVANT:  Yes, Your Majesty. No doubt the seed of an idea will come to you.

EMPEROR:  Wait a minute … That’s it!

SERVANT:  What, Your Majesty?

EMPEROR:  I have it – the perfect solution!

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