Interactive Reader’s Theater PlayScripts

A Tool to Beat Reading Apprehension!

Each PlayAloud script showcases line-by-line audio playback

The PlayAloud Portfolio

Cinderella, a young woman that lives with her cruel Stepmother and Stepsisters, is given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Robinhood & The Golden Arrow

Robin Hood, the most famous outlaw in English history, and his Merry Men steal money from the rich, and give it to the poor.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

One day The Emperor’s Kingdom has a new shop open, run by two Weavers. They begin selling a brand new MAGIC fabric.

The Ugly Duckling

One day an “Ugly Duckling” is born who looks quite different than all of his siblings. Follow this duckling as he goes on a journey to discover who he is.

The Stolen Chicks (Africa)

One day a Mama Ostrich discovers Lion tracks near her home and sets off to investigate. When she finds her Stolen Chicks, she turns to her friends for help.

The Empty Pot (China)

One day The Emperor announces that he is looking for who will succeed him on the throne via competition. One boy, Shen, fails and brings The Emperor his Empty Pot.

All PlayAloud interactive reader’s theater play scripts are adapted from Stories to Grow Byfairytales, folktales, and multicultural stories.