Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

ACT 1 | Office of the Sheriff of Nottingham

NARRATOR:  This is a story about Robin Hood, the most famous outlaw ever in England. Robin Hood and his Merry Men took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. To most people, Robin Hood was a hero. To others, he was a thief.

RICH PERSON #1: Sheriff, you must do something about Robin Hood!

RICH PERSON #2:   We can’t ride through Sherwood Forest anymore without getting attacked by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

RICH PERSON #1: From nowhere, they jump out of the trees!

RICH PERSON #2:  Robin Hood and his Merry Men are always in Sherwood Forest. It’s as if they live there!

SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM:   They DO live here!  When King John announced no one was allowed to hunt his royal deer in the forest anymore, what did Robin Hood do?  He moved right in! And those Merry Men, too!

RICH PERSON #1: You can barely see them. That green clothing they wear blends in with the trees.

RICH PERSON #2: And the next thing you know, they’re up on your carriage.  Before you know it, they’re gone again – vanished into the woods!

RICH PERSON #1: With all your stuff!

RICH PERSON #2: Yeah, with all the stuff!

RICH PERSON #1: Everyone thinks Robin Hood is so great because he doesn’t keep the money for himself and gives it to the poor.  

RICH PERSON #2: Maybe we should be kinder to the poor?

RICH PERSON #1 and #2: Nah!

SHERIFF:  Let’s not get carried away.  The King ordered me to capture Robin Hood. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

RICH PERSON #1:  But how, Sheriff?

RICH PERSON #2:  It’s not as if Robin Hood will just come out of the forest and let you capture him.

SHERIFF:  Say, wait a minute!

RICH PERSON #2:  What is it? What are you thinking?

RICH PERSON #1:   Sheriff, you have a strange look in your eye.

SHERIFF:   Listen to me. I have a brilliant idea!

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