The Stolen Chicks (Africa)

ACT 1 | In The Forest

NARRATOR:  This is a story from Africa, and it starts with a Mama Ostrich. Oh, wait! Here she comes now!

MAMA OSTRICH:  Children! Children, where are you hiding? I gathered these delicious mangos for you!

NARRATOR:  Then Mama Ostrich saw something that froze her heart.

MAMA OSTRICH:  Lion tracks! Right next to the footprints of my two chicks! A lion must have stolen my babies! This is terrible – I must find them!

NARRATOR:  Mama Ostrich quickly ran after the lion tracks. They led into the woods and ended at a cave. Mama Ostrich peaked into the opening and there she saw her two dear chicks – in the arms of Mama Lion!

MAMA OSTRICH:  Mama Lion! What are you doing with my chicks? Give them back to me at once!

MAMA LION:  What do you mean YOUR chicks? These are MY cubs, that’s plain to see.

MAMA OSTRICH: That’s not all plain to see. Those are chicks – ostrich chicks. I’m an ostrich, and you’re a lion!

MAMA LION:  Is that so? Then you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone else who agrees with you, correct?

MAMA OSTRICH:  ANY animal would agree with me!

MAMA LION:  You think so, do you? Well, then. If you can find a single animal in this forest who will look me in the eye and tell me these are not my cubs, I will give them to you.

MAMA OSTRICH:  Fine! I’ll be back in no time!

MAMA LION:  I wouldn’t count on it.

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