The Ugly Duckling

ACT 1, Scene 1 | Four Little Peeps

NARRATOR:  One by one, the eggs in Mama Duck’s nest hatched.

DUCKLING #1:  Peep!

DUCKLING #2  Peep!

DUCKLING #3:  Peep!

DUCKLING #4: Peep!

MAMA DUCK:  You’re all so cute and fluffy yellow. Come to Mama!

NARRATOR:  One egg in the nest was left to hatch. It was much bigger than the others. Finally, the last one started to crack, too.

MAMA DUCK:  Ducklings, come here! Your new sibling is about to hatch!

NARRATOR:  But what came out of the shell was a surprise.


MAMA DUCK:  Oh, my goodness!

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