ACT 2 | The Palace

NARRATOR:  The palace was wild with excitement. The servants were busy running around, getting the castle ready. The ball was going to be the very next day! However not everyone was looking forward to the big event.

QUEEN:   My dear husband, look at the Prince pacing back and forth, mumbling to himself.  What is the problem with your son?

KING:  He’s YOUR son too, my dear.

PRINCE Mother, Father! Please, try to understand. You tell me I’m supposed to choose a bride from the young women who will come to the ball tomorrow night.

QUEEN:  At least there’s nothing wrong with his hearing.

PRINCE:  But how can I know who’s right for me?  Just by LOOKING at them?

KING:  Your mother and I knew right away.  Didn’t we, dear?

QUEEN:  Yes we did, love.

PRINCE:  Fine, that worked for you two.  I may not be so lucky.

QUEEN:  Son, think about it. What’s the worst that could happen?

PRINCE:  I could end up marrying somebody I don’t like, that’s what!

KING:  Then you get used to it.  This palace is a big place.  You won’t have to see each other much.

PRINCE:  What kind of life is THAT?

KING:  Oh, stop complaining!

QUEEN:  Many young men would jump at the chance you have!

PRINCE:  I need to get to know someone first.  To be sure we’re right for each other. 

KING:  What you NEED, young man, is to do what you’re TOLD.

QUEEN:  The kingdom doesn’t run by itself, you know. You have a duty to marry and to provide an heir to the throne. For goodness sake, get with the program!

PRINCE:  I knew you two wouldn’t understand.

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